Monitoring Systems is Emcorp Group ®

EMCORP GROUP through the FS Enterprise Management provides a complete monitoring system on the WEB, through laptop/ PC, Smartphone or tablet.


- Reduces site visits and maintenance cost
- Fuel management
- Fail analysis
- Automatic alerts system
- Remote control from WEB

The control modules are connected to the cloud 24/7, allowing us to have full access to generators, ups, airs, among others to consult and opperate through different portable devices.

The remote monitoring can be accessed from the EmcorpGroup WEB site on the solutions section, then you can get rea-time plant data. It will be also available on February 2016 from the EmcorpGroup® app.

- 24 hours specialized technical support
- Developed module tests before the final assembly
- Back up and quarantee anywhere in the country